Building Homes to Believe In


The T.L. Stewart Builders Team is not a one-person shop and no one person is expected to do it all.  A customer is surrounded by our team of experts in various aspects of the construction process. We all work with the client on the design, specifications, options, and contract. The Jobsite Supervisor runs the day to day construction of the home, and the Selections Coordinator/ Project Manager is side by side with you through all the finish details. We are set up so the customer gets the best of everyone’s talents.

Terry Stewart

Terry Stewart  |  Founder & President

Terry Stewart earned a BS degree in Civil Engineering from North Carolina State University in 1976 and five years later obtained his North Carolina Builder’s License. Prior to forming TL Stewart Builders in 1984, Terry gained valuable experience working in the City of Sanford’s Engineering Department for several years.

The experience gained from working in the engineering department assisted in the development of some exceptional neighborhoods such as Carters Grove, Brighton Park, and Hampton Ponds all located in the Westlake Valley area of Sanford. TL Stewart Builders has partnered with Arthur A. James III and David James, AIA to develop Sanford’s newest neighborhood Carbonton Cove. Carbonton Cove consists of 48 lots and located on Carbonton Road just east of Highway # 42.

Sandra Stewart

Sandra Stewart  |  Vice President & Secretary

Sandra Stewart attended the University of North Carolina and received a BA degree in Education in 1977. After graduating from college, Sandra taught school for three years. Then in 1980 began a ladies and men’s retail-clothing boutique. After starting a family and having two businesses in one family, Sandra decided to sell the retail business and joined TL Stewart Builders in 1990.

Sandra comes from a family of business people, her grandfather, WM Holt, Sr. started Holt Truck and Tractor in 1921. Sandra’s father WM Holt Jr. oversaw the business until it eventually closed in 2000,due to the diminishing of the agricultural business, in the Lee County area. Holt Truck and Tractor was located on Horner Boulevard where Kerr Drugs is currently.

Tommy Haymore

Tommy Haymore  |  Jobsite Supervisor & Project Manager

Tommy enjoys building relationships with clients as their “go to guy” during and after construction. Tommy has been involved with TL Stewart Builders since he was ten years old working summers with his dad Billy Haymore, a very well know (old timey) framing contractor. Billy, Tommy’s dad, worked with T L Stewart Builders from the beginning, and now Tommy is following in his dad’s footsteps. Tommy’s passion for construction came naturally from the years of watching his father’s own career. Tommy still conveys and explores ideas the old fashioned way. At the end of the day, it is the personal relationships built over the course of a project that fuel Tommy’s day to day drive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in design. In his spare time, Tommy enjoys training dogs, hunting and watching his daughter play competitive tennis.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart  |  Director of Sales

Patrick Stewart is a lifelong resident of Sanford, N.C. His major goal in the real estate market is to provide professional advice based on your needs, the current trends, and the recent housing market analysis. In 1995, Patrick became owner of Stewart’s Convenient Store and continued to run a successful business until selling in 2008. The transaction, which Patrick handled personally, led him into the real estate market. In 2014. He established Stewart Real Estate, LLC located at 613 Carthage Street, Sanford N.C. where he shares an office facility with TL Stewart Builders. Together these two businesses can provide numerous services, such as residential and commercial sales, new construction, investments, and developing various types of remodeling and maintenance assistance. Trust is hard to come by in today’s competitive real estate market. Patrick strives to provide the professionalism and integrity needed to ensure your security in what could be one of the largest investments of a lifetime.

River Stewart

River Stewart  |  Director of Happiness

First coming to work in July 2015 as an eight week old Boykin Spaniel, River enjoys coming to the uptown office every day. She meets and greets all the subcontractors, potential clients, and friends just stopping in to say hello. Thus she has been appointed as TL Stewart Builders Director of Happiness.

River enjoys training for upcoming hunting trips and field trial events.


Terry Stewart established the business in 1984 building “Homes to Believe In.” The company’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to build their dream home. Years of experience allows T. L. Stewart Builders to properly guide their clients to produce the home that they desire. Attention to and accommodating all the details are foremost. Whether people are in the midst of their careers, starting a family, or retiring, they should expect the building process to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Terry Stewart states:

We use the very best, both in materials and in people. I think it’s a requirement. We hire subs that have worked with us for years and I know that they will be reliable and responsive to meeting my customer’s needs. In this spirit, we have found this to be a good business practice, in efficiently producing “Homes to Believe In” for our customers.

After over 30 years in business, we have developed an extensive group of vendors, subcontractors, designers, architects, site engineers, structural engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers who provide us with a superior level of service for our clients, just as if they were in-house.