Approach to Building

The Process

THE PROCESS of building your new home, or maybe you are considering restructuring, re-inventing, renovating or just updating your current home.

T L Stewart Builders, Inc. is not a one-person shop and no one person is expected to do it all. A customer is surrounded by our team of experts in various aspects of the construction process. We all work with the client on the design, specifications, options, and contract. The Jobsite Supervisor runs the day to day construction of the home, and the Selections Coordinator/ Project Manager is side by side with you through all the finish details. We are set up so the customer gets the best of everyone’s talents. We also offer remodeling and other services like gutter cleaning, visit the website to learn more.

Whether you start from one of our house plans, you have your own house plan, or you prefer to start from scratch with our custom design-build process we are committed to finding the right house plan for you and your family. And if you are just looking to improve upon the qualities and charms of your current home, we can restructure, renovate or add on to any part of your home. Whichever path you choose, you can count on us for the extra care and attention. We will take the time to listen, answer all your questions, and move with you through each step of the building process.

TL Stewart Builders, Inc. has developed a design-build concept, where we work as a team to design a home that best fits your lot and lifestyle. We match you up with one of our architects who we feel best fits you and your needs. We form a design team to ensure that every person involved in building your home shares your vision; we create a collaborative team for each client that includes an architect or designer, interior designer (if desired by client), an in-house selections coordinator, and a project manager who all work towards the goal of building your “Home to Believe In” dream home.

T L Stewart Builders design-build process (this building process is for building a new home and may vary if you have your own plans or select one of our plans or are planning to renovate your current home). What Is The First Step?

  1. Home Site Visit
    We visit the home site with you to analyze property features, direction of the sunset, views, topography, drainage and gather any other information regarding the placement of the house. All this information we gather at the home site can be helpful to a landscape architect.
  2. Planning Process
    Now, we start the planning process. We have a meeting to discuss your plans, one of our plans, or we can enter into a design-build arrangement (See below for more description of design-build arrangement) to develop your own custom house plan. If a design-build arrangement is not selected at this phase and depending on the size of the project, a fee maybe required for TL Stewart Builders to prepare budgets and consult with you further on your house plans. This fee would be credited to the contract price only if we enter into a future construction contract. If you choose a design-build concept, we listen to your needs, wants, and desires to help you design the home that you have envisioned. As the plan develops from conceptual drawings, then we can start the process of an initial estimate for a preliminary budget, preliminary selections, and development of preliminary specifications.
  3. Making Your Home Building a Success
    Once the right plan and changes are understood, it’s time to begin customizing the interior details. You’ll benefit from the personal attention of our in-house selections coordinator, Sandra Stewart, to start the enjoyable process of selecting colors, appliances, bath fixtures and countless other finish selections that will transform your house into a place you’ll call home.
    During the selections process you are not alone. Experienced in decorating and project management, Sandra lends selections advice to ensure that the home of your dreams is the one that you build.
    We understand that people are busy and don’t have time to drive all over the county to make selections decisions. Sandra has worked hard with local vendors and suppliers to create packages of selections based on our most popular selections, including tried and true classics, along with fun new trends. We’ve used this approach to select plumbing fixtures, appliances, color ideas, door hardware and much more. Sandra is here to simplify this process even more and to help narrow those trips and decisions using our unique Client Selections Workbook. The Client Selections workbook is a unique method for making the process of building easier for our busy clients. The Client Workbook organizes all of your decisions, answers your questions, and provides personalized information on suppliers and materials and much more. The Selections Coordinator will also keep you on schedule to ensure selections decisions don’t hold up construction progress.
    4. Decision Schedule: Included on your timeline is our customized decision schedule. This consists of a list of all the decisions (materials, colors, styles etc.) that you will need to make throughout the entire project. You will receive the decision schedule, along with the timeline, before we break ground. That way, you will always know in advance what choices have to be made and have plenty of time to make your decisions.

Designing Your Home


Our Architects are dedicated to thoughtful architecture through the blending of excellence in design, environmentally sustainable building practices, site sensitivity, and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. By putting aside preconceptions, we derive inspiration from the unique ambitions of our clients and the challenges presented in each site. When merged with the beauty of materials, the expression of light and the poetics of space, an authentic design solution can emerge.

Interior Design

We strive to create timeless, yet expressive interiors which are warm, inviting, and comfortable. Our approach is not of a single style, but rather an edited vision which responds to both the architecture and our client’s vision and personality. Each project is unique and receives custom tailoring to ensure a proper fit. Whether the home is modern, historic, or somewhere in between, it is important that the solution, not only be beautiful but it must be suited for modern day life and gracious living. Our designs enlist vast resources from vendors, to talented craftsman and artisans who craft our designs into wonderful realities. At T L Stewart Builders, we believe in offering our clients premium service in the creation of exceptional designs. Do you want to restructure, re-invent or just update your home? Get ideas and inspiration by scheduling an appointment over the phone or contact us online for a consultation.

Landscape Design

Our work reflects a passionate pursuit of creating beautiful, inspiring, and timeless places for our clients to relax and muse. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the landscape and garden design should strike a harmonious relationship with the architecture, each becoming the perfect complement to the other, and where the transition from indoors and outdoors become blurred. We seek solutions where the natural beauty and character of the site are enhanced to support the architecture in every way. The designs reveal careful study of site conditions, environmental factors, and the programmatic requirements of our clients. Through our process, we engage our clients in a collaborative dialogue which allows us to interpret and explore their vision for each unique project. In execution of the design, we continue with thoughtful attention to detail, scale, material, color and texture. We then team ourselves with the best craftsmen, installers, and professional resources to ensure the success of an exceptional design.

Starting Construction of Your “Home to Believe In”

Preparing for construction: We will meet with you to finalize the plans, specifications, allowance, schedule, cost, and the signing of construction contracts.

Construction: Construction begins with an onsite meeting with you to discuss the house layout on the lot, clearing, grading, and any special features to protect, along with discussions of the schedule with jobsite supervisor and project managers. We will assign a Project Manager to you to manage the construction of your home and a Jobsite Supervisor, to oversee the construction activities that take place on the worksite on any given work day, with the remaining partners intimately involved and operating as a support network. You will always deal with the same person, someone who is onsite daily, is familiar with your house intimately and can answer your questions or concerns.

Timeline of construction: Our computerized timeline is always up-to-date. You will know what phase of construction your house is in at any given time.

Job site visits: We will schedule regular progress meetings for you and will have all the people involved with the current status of your home in attendance.

Final walk through: We will join you in a walk-through of your home prior to your moving in. We will note any problems and assist you in understanding the components of your house.

Moving Into Your New “Home to Believe In”

Move In We don’t just build your house, wish you well and walk away. We will supply you with our “Homes to Believe In” book with the information specific to your home and a list of the vendors and subcontractors employed in building your home and their contact information.

Punch Lists after move in please begin compiling a punch list of repairs or adjustments needed. After approximately 45 days we will meet with you to review your list and schedule the appropriate trade to make the repairs as soon as possible.

Warranty we provide a one-year warranty, which commences upon receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy from the local Building Inspection office. We adhere to the nationally accepted standards as published in “Residential Construction Performance Guidelines” – Consumer Reference (third edition).