Kitchen Remodel

When we Purchased our 1980’s built home almost eight years ago, we knew our kitchen needed a major remodel. It was made well but still had the 1980’s tiled counter; but there were other issues that needed our attention first. So we lived in and loved our home AND cooked in the kitchen for seven years. My point is that I had been imagining and dreaming and watching HGTV and looking at magazines and visiting the HOUZZ website for many years. Lots of dreaming! AND lots of expectations!

When we decide to proceed with the renovation, we did exactly what the experts advise against we went with one contractor, Sandra Stewart at T.L. Stewart Builders. Sandra and her husband Terry had built out previous home which we lived in and loved for 15 years. They had also put on and addition to my husbands office. Additionally, they built the home we currently reside in and love. So you see, we have a history with the Stewarts, and we wished to continue it on our kitchen remodel.

Sandra, visiting with her cabinetry sub-contractor, Steve Bristow, helped me visualize and finalize my renovation plans which were tricky to me. We were keeping some existing cabinetry, removing other cabinetry, and creating new beautiful cabinetry, all of which were changing the size and dimensions of our appliances. So there was a great deal of coordination with sub-contractors and suppliers, all of which went flawlessly due to Sandra’s expertise!

Interestingly, Sandra is still using subs that she used twenty-three years ago when she and Terry built our home. Though some of the subs are now managed by their children, the point is these people are reliable, trustworthy, and have formed a long standing relationship. They were all a pleasure to invite into my home. Always pleasant, always prompt, always neat, always accommodating , and always with great solutions, and quality workmanship! The suppliers were equally accommodating in their product knowledge and delivery.

Sandra impeccably coordinated this project! Additionally, I had a time constraint, needing the job completed in one month, which Sandra delivered. My Elderly mother lives with us, so I needed the noise, dust, and fumes kept to a minimum and again, Sandra and her subs accomplished it all. The project was completed within the budget.

When the kitchen was completed, I wanted to cordon it off with a velvet rope as if it was a museum because it IS so beautiful. I ave gotten over that. Now, a year after the kitchen completion, we live, love, cook, and bake in our kitchen daily and marvel over all the wonderful details! We wouldn’t change a single detail!!! We love our kitchen!!!